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Shawne Duperon, PhD, CSP, tells on herself

This month, I had the pleasure of speaking with Shawne Duperon, a 10-year member of National Speakers Association and NSA-Michigan.  As a former television news broadcaster and producer, she joined NSA to help her with the news speaking business.  Last year, she had...

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Lori Bauer Joins Our Community

Meet some of the new faces you’re seeing around the table. In our March seminar, I mentioned finding a Facebook post of mine from March of 2011. "My first NSA meeting. Friendly folks!" I'm pleased to tell you that six years later, our community is still full of...

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Welcome to Event Planner’s World

 I wear two hats.  I am a professional speaker and I am an event planner.  It's always helpful to have an understanding of the people with whom you work - their challenges, goals and pain points. If you are aware you can be prepared and present yourself in the best...

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The Coaches Come Home

Meet some of the new faces you’re seeing around the table. As you may know, one of the big goals for our Board this year has been to grow our community. In fact, that is probably the goal (stated or not) of just about every Board in existence. We have been very...

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