May 13, 2017 Seminar: Laurie Guest, CSP




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9:00 am – 2:00 pm

I Want to See the Jalapeno Coming!  93 Hot Ways to Get Booked and Get Paid!

Join this fast-paced, entertaining program and discover hot ideas to thrive in this business.

Laurie Guest, CSP will show you how to create your own speaking success quickly and painlessly regardless of your business model.

Emphasis will be on low-cost marketing and effective business techniques that are necessary for speaking success.  Whether you are new to the business or a seasoned veteran, there is an idea waiting for you here.  We will dig deep into the twelve ideas that earned Laurie thousands of dollars and her CSP in very short period of time.  The other 81 hot ideas will be provided in a speaker resource guide.

After the break we will open the floor to rapid-fire Q&A.  Each response will be covered in two minutes or less to keep things moving and fun.  Come to this session with prepared questions about growing your business.  You can ask her anything!

Laurie Guest, CSP, is known for her imaginative ideas and fast-paced, slightly sarcastic delivery of pure content.  Many NSA members have commented on the value they gained from her concurrent sessions at the last three national conventions and main stage appearance in 2014.  Laurie says, “At work, I am known for bringing unique programs to the platform. At home, I am known for bad cooking and endless talking; reason enough to earn a living on the road.”

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