This post was written by NSA-Michigan President-Elect Greg Peters. Greg, Founder of The Reluctant Networker, coaches individuals, trains staff, and teaches groups to develop their skills and systems to build better connections and stronger networks.



Are you planning to be a serious speaker or do you simply want to be a hobbyist? There’s certainly no shame in the latter. If, however, you see speaking in front of audiences as a real part of your business and/or career, you owe it to yourself to enroll in the Michigan Chapter of the National Speakers Association’s ProTrack Program.

I’ve taken the course. Twice. So, I’ve got a pretty good idea of some of the benefits. What follows are the alliterative top ten reasons to drop the excuses and jump ahead two to three years in your professional development as a speaker. By the way, I saved the best one for last.

  1. Success Systems – How do you keep track of all the details that make you look like a prepared professional before, during, and after your presentations? Systems! Processes! Checklists! Get access to tools that existing successful speakers have been using for years.
  2. Expert Evaluation – Have the professionals who’ve been succeeding for decades on the platform give you an honest evaluation of how you are doing right now and how you can be better. This was the second most valuable experience I took from the program.
  3. Member-Level Money-Savers – While you are taking part in the class, you get member discounts for all NSA-Michigan events. Take advantage of them while you can!
  4. Industry insights – Wouldn’t you like to know what meeting planners are looking for and how the world of the speakers bureau works? How valuable would it be to have a panel of such experts just waiting to answer your questions?
  5. Storytelling Secrets – What’s the best way to structure your programs and how do you bring out the best in each story? This program connects you with storytelling experts who let you in on the best practices that they follow to build an engaging and content-filled presentation.
  6. Marketing Mojo – Developing the best program is a complete waste of time if no one knows about you. Find out how to get the word out to organizations, businesses, and associations who might be interested in bringing you in to educate and engage their members.
  7. Platform Practice – What are the different kinds of microphones? What’s the best way to set up the room? Discover the technical details that surround your talk and can make the difference between you only filling time on stage and making a real difference and changing lives.
  8. Authorship Acceleration – A book gives you credibility. Learn about writing and editing techniques, self-publishing, traditional publishing, formats, artwork, etc, etc, etc.
  9. Prospecting Preparation – Are you ready for when your prospect asks “So what is your fee?” Are you prepared to discount or are you going to walk away if it isn’t full price? What about fee integrity? They won’t tell you what to charge, but you might pick up some tools to help you price yourself reasonably.
  10. Collaborative Connections – In my opinion this is the number one reason to take part in the ProTrack program: The people. Those around you will be just as determined as you to become professionals in this industry. They will encourage you. They will push you. They will help you see opportunities that you would have missed. Some of my best friends and colleagues now are those who sat next to me in my very first ProTrack program.

Do you want more information about ProTrack?  Click here to learn more.