Sherene McHenry Chapter President

This post was written by NSA-Michigan President Sherene McHenry. Sherene works with organizations who want to boost their leadership IQ so they can enhance effectiveness, increase employee engagement and raise productivity.


There is no where I’d rather be on the 2nd Saturday of every odd-numbered month than at the NSA-Michigan meeting in Ann Arbor with my speaking colleagues. I always get multiple gold nuggets that make me a better speaker and help me grow my business and bottom line.

Our latest workshop Double Your Bookings, Double Your Reach with Jean DiGiovanna opened my eyes to a key mistake I’ve been making when I give workshops. Jean also provided me with a blue print to grow and enhance my work and offerings.

I’m a keynoter and have been since I started speaking almost 25 years ago. As such, I occasionally get asked to put on workshops. While I’m happy to do workshops, they’ve always exhausted me (and the participants if I’m completely honest).

Jean taught me that while I do the heavy lifting as a keynote speaker, as a workshop presenter it’s my job to facilitate learning and create activities that enable participants to grasp and retain what they are learning. As such, I should only be speaking 30% of the time.

The next time I’m asked to do a workshop, I won’t make the rookie mistake of giving three to five keynotes! I look forward to imparting information and to creating dynamic exercises for my participants. They will not only retain more, but we’ll all have more fun and leave energized instead of exhausted because we’ve been drinking from a firehose.

Thanks NSA MI for once again enhancing my business!