Brian Benson

This post was written by Dr. Ben Benson.  Dr. Benson is a business acceleration expert and will be our guest speaker at our May 14, 2016 event.  Click on the photo to view a video blog about this upcoming event!

Remember the movie, Field of Dreams? The omniscient voice whispers, “If you build it, they will come.” While that may have been great advice for building a baseball diamond in a corn field, it is rotten advice for business. Too many people believe that they should “build” or invest first.  Today, leading entrepreneurs realize that selling is a step that must come before building.  Put another way, business owners need much greater tenacity around selling and there are a few points about tenacious selling that must be reinforced:

  • Opening your door to the public is not selling
  • Having a business card and a website is not selling
  • Social media is not selling
  • Marketing is not selling.

So many people are capable — capable of styling hair, building software apps, making a decent latte, or offering business advice to name just a few occupations.  Capable is expected and somewhat banal.  Many lawyers and architects, who were indeed capable, have seen their classmate’s business triple in size and success by comparison. What is the reason for the difference in outcomes? Today’s entrepreneurial giants are both capable in fulfilling demand and in generating demand.

A significant percent of businesses are failing or at least languishing because the owner principal does not like to sell, prefers not to sell, and believes that selling can be delegated or at least will “take care of itself.”

On May 14th, I will present a workshop that speaks to business success, particularly around generating demand. It is called:

Business Speed to Results: The Essentials for Building, Accelerating, and Sustaining Success!

Some of the key points that will be covered include:

  • Holding yourself and your business accountable to timeline and metrics.
  • Pushing yourself to get more done each day.
  • Striving for primary, seeded, and cold business leads.
  • Always being on the lookout for suspects, prospects, leads, and closed deals

For some business professionals, even the mere mention of these sales terms seems somewhat crass and somewhat reserved for the used car lot or the door-to-door huckster. And yet, the people who are knocking it down, putting money aside for themselves and those they love, the people many refer to as “naturals” succeed because of a HUNDRED AND CRAZY PERCENT commitment, not just to their work, but to sustaining it through capital inflow and speed to cash…also known as good-old-fashioned selling.