Sherene McHenry Chapter President sherene@fullyengaged.usThis post was written by NSA-Michigan President Sherene McHenry. Sherene works with organizations who want to boost their leadership IQ so they can enhance effectiveness, increase employee engagement and raise productivity.

Tomorrow I turn over the gavel to Greg Peters who, in turn, will become President of the Michigan National Speakers Association. Serving as president of this incredible association has been far more rewarding than I ever expected when I said yes. I have grown personally and professionally and had the privilege of leading and working with an incredible board of dedicated , hardworking, and caring professionals.

Thank you Penny Rosema, Greg Peters, Carol Prahinski, Joe Tabors and our fearless administrator, Amy Jones for all that you have done and the love that you have lavished on this organization which serves each of us so well. With a slight tear in my eye and tug at my heart, I am turning it over to great hands! Greg will be an incredible president, and along with Amy, Carol and Joe are bringing their vast experience serving NSA MI for another year. And, we’re adding Marlena Reigh who has served before, along with new board members Mimi Brown and Breeda Miller. Each bring their considerable talent, visionary skills and enthusiasm. I couldn’t be more proud or optimistic as I transition into past president. Thanks for the memories, the friendship and incredible experience.