Meet some of the new faces you’re seeing around the table.

When I was preparing to become president of our chapter, I talked with many of our veteran members to get a feel for how we are doing. One of the questions I asked them was what they still received from attending our bimonthly seminars. They each had many reasons, but the one they all shared?

The Community.

They come to meet old friends and make new ones. That is truthfully the strength of our chapter, that we can often learn as much from the people sitting next to us as we can from the person speaking in the front of the room.

In our September meeting, in addition to all the great information we can expect from Christine Cashen, CSP CPAE, we also have the opportunity to celebrate some rising speakers who have committed to our community by signing up as our newest cohort of Candidates. For those who aren’t aware, our Professional Candidate designation is an opportunity for aspiring speakers to gain some of the benefits of our association as they work toward full Professional Membership. In return for their commitment to that process we will advise, assist, and make them aware of every opportunity they have to achieve that goal.

At our September seminar we will be inducting the following Professional Candidates into our community. Please come to cheer them on and give them your support.

Jayne BurchJayne Burch — Jayne is a Web Marketing Strategist. She helps businesses systematize and monetize their web presence to create more business and more income (especially passive income). Her expertise is creating the Permission-based Marketing System, a targeted web presence that attracts your ideal customers and engages them, on auto-pilot; and without spending big bucks for advertising and driving traffic.

Wayne DavidsonWayne Davidson — Dr. Wayne Rudolph Davidson, also known as Waynee Dee, has blue-collar and musical roots that stem from growing up in the great industrial north. From a variety of personal experiences, Wayne wrote an award winning nonfiction book titled “When Clans Collide” that tracked his genealogy through his surname, life experience and DNA. He now speaks, writes and mentors on the topic of empowerment and manufacturing second opportunities from point of view of one’s own family tree.

JodiKnittelJodi Knittel — Before becoming a coach and starting Tangerine Road, Jodi spent many years both as an executive recruiter and also an HR manager at a Fortune 500 company.  This gave Jodi an insider’s perspective on what companies are really looking for, whether they’re hiring a new employee or considering the potential of a current employee.  This real-world knowledge combined with a friendly coaching style has been a big hit with her clients.

Pam MelickPam Melick — Pam comes from a diverse background, from assistant to life coach, from high tech to high touch. She works as a consultant to help her clients toward success in achieving their personal and professional goals.

Ryan MortonRyan Morton — Ryan is a roboticist with an interest in policy, public speaking, and perhaps politics… what could go wrong? Developing algorithms for drones, autonomous cars, and related robotic & artificial intelligence applications stimulates his intellectual side. What keeps him up at night is how these technologies interact with the greater society and to what end our world/technology/species is evolving.

KenKen Wachsberger — Ken is an expert writing and editing professional with extensive experience in creating compelling copy with consistency in mechanics, grammar, and spelling to satisfy customer demands in a wide range of writing styles. He has a unique ability to distill complex ideas and processes into clear, crisp communications and workflows. He has a track record of creating internationally recognized books in multiple genres as a writer, an editor, and a project manager.