14264893_10108834786793264_3596543546652360269_nSpunky and stylish Christine Cashen is the queen of introductions – how to excite, entice, and enamor your audience prior to your arrival on the platform. She shared her wisdom and coached us through the “how to” with our own introductions. We learned to “listen to your intro,” use “snappy language,” and “rework the intro.” Most of us have improved our introductions significantly. Thank you, Christine!

Christine also provided us with many tips and trips of being a “Lazy Speaker.” We covered out-troductions; joke bombs to recover from the inevitable trips; record/record/record (and listen to it); silly props that will have your AV crew laughing so hard that they recommend you to other event planners; and the pleasure of being seated next to the best person on the plane – and the business that can stem from the opportunity of asking questions and listening.

As a past NSA-Michigan member, Christine shared her copy of the 1992 Professional Speakers Association of Michigan Membership Directory. I loved looking at our beautiful, smart leaders who led – and continue to lead – our chapter! Kudos to Marilynn, Joe, Leslie, Vicki, Mary Jane, Joyce and many other individuals we’ve grown to appreciate and love.

Our seminar event was concluded with four hot-seat opportunities for members-only: Ken Kazanowski, Kathy Eubanks, Sherene McHenry and Carol Prahinski were able to receive feedback and suggestions on stories, stickiness, and introductions.