Meet some of the new faces you’re seeing around the table.

In our March seminar, I mentioned finding a Facebook post of mine from March of 2011. “My first NSA meeting. Friendly folks!” I’m pleased to tell you that six years later, our community is still full of friendly folks. In fact I have the honor to introduce you to a new person in our community: Lori Bauer. We inducted her into the group back in January. Now find out who she is and make her welcome.

Lori Bauer, PDC

Lori’s early career in medical sales began her foray into the world of speaking. Making sales presentations for companies such as US Surgical, Walter Lorenz Surgical Corporation, and Nobel Biocare gave her the skills to be comfortable in front of even the most skeptical audiences.

Beyond the technical aspects of medical sales, Lori in particular enjoys focusing on developing better relationships between the medical professional and their patients. She has lectured in hundreds of dental offices on increasing patient acceptance and empathetic listening. Lori is also a community builder, having co-founded in 2006 the “Women in Dentistry Expo,” an annual symposium of professional women in the field of dentistry.

In addition to her busy career, Lori is an author and storyteller, She’s been married (28 years in 2017!) and has two daughters. Her children can’t have helped being influenced by Lori’s choice of careers. Her elder child is a speaker at Sea World in San Antonio and the younger is in her second year of Dental School at the University of Detroit Mercy.

Lori has joined us as a Professional Candidate, but has set her sights not only on full Professional Membership, but is already planning on earning her CSP. If you see Lori at one of our upcoming seminars, be sure to give her a hearty NSA Michigan welcome and encourage her on her continued success.