By Babette Ten-Haken, One Millimeter Mindset, NSA-MI Member-at-Large

Gratitude is an emotion, and a word, that we need to carry with us throughout the year. Instead of reserving it just for Thanksgiving.

So many of us, so graciously, share our support for and with each other – regardless of whether we experience tremendous success or are frustrated by professional setbacks. Ultimately, we have each other’s backs: in sickness, health, richer, poorer, for better or for worse. Sounds like we are married to one another!

Our gratitude to and for each other, as fellow speakers and chapter members, does, indeed, make a tremendous difference to each one of us. Each day.

Even as we become caught up in various December holiday festivities, let’s remember to carry our gratitude with us. And pay it forward. During the end-of-year emotional, and often physical, downtime, reflect on how grateful we are for our NSA Michigan colleagues’ generosity of spirit, talent, and dedication to the art of delivering the spoken word! We are who we are because of each other.

About the Author

Babette Ten Haken catalyzes organizations and associations, like yours, who want to leverage a more profitable workforce to retain the customers you work so hard to win. Her One Millimeter Mindset™ speaking programs move audiences one millimeter beyond the Risk of remaining comfortable in “how they do things Today,” towards the Opportunities presented when they do things “slightly differently” Tomorrow and in the Future