By Carol Prahinski, PhD, DTM, NSA-Michigan Immediate Past President

What is the key guidance to help you write a book so that your audience will read it cover to cover and plead for more?  How do you ensure that your book will launch your speaking business into the stratosphere?  Can we get results without losing our souls?

On January 12, 2019, members and guests of NSA–Michigan have the pleasure and opportunity to learn from David Dye.  I can’t wait!

In 2016, as I began a responsibility to guide six international leadership teams, I shared David’s book, Winning Well: A Manager’s Guide to Getting Results Without Losing Your Soul, co-authored with Karin Hurt.  Karin is listed in the list of 100 top leadership speakers (Inc.), so keep your eyes peeled for her, too.  I couldn’t put the book down.  It was filled with stories, advice, a bit of theory, and the practices that help leaders succeed.  It was easy to read from cover to cover.  I loved the insights and learning.

The authors used a key framework to examine the leader’s balance between relationships and results.  A great leader must have the results AND strong relationships with teams.  Their two-by-two matrix contained:

  • The gamer manager (weak on both relationships and results)
  • The pleaser manager (strong on relationships, but has little accountability for results)
  • The user manager (strong on short-term results, but creates unsustainable turnover)
  • The winning-well manager (strong on both relationships and results)

 How do you write a book that has your audience singing its praises three years later?  How do you get that book to expand opportunities with speaking engagements all over the world for you?

After the book was published, the size of David and Karin’s audience grew to thousands, regularly.  They travel to the Far East and Europe, and vacation wherever they wanted.

On January 12, 2019, at NSA-MI, we have the opportunity to learn more.  David will share concepts on how he built his brand, expanded his business, and sold more books.  As we have learned from other great speakers, it is important to diversify our income portfolios.  Let’s take a dive into this engaging opportunity.

About the Author

Carol Prahinski, PhD, DTM is a skilled consultant, speaker, and author with expertise in business strategy, negotiations, purchasing, evaluations, and capacity management. She is a professor in MSU’s highly acclaimed Supply Chain Management program, and an International Director for Toastmasters International.