Leatrice Brooks connected with NSA in April of 2018 and was inspired by Mary Jane Mapes to join the NSA Michigan community as a Chapter Candidate.  Dr. Brooks is a licensed psychologist and has a practice in Kalamazoo where she has lived since 2004.  Leatrice is originally from Chicago and came to Kalamazoo to complete her Ph. D work at Western Michigan University. When asked about her passion, Leatrice indicated, “I am very passionate about helping people develop and reach their personal and professional potential.  This gets me going every morning!” 

Dr. Brooks’ desire to develop her speaking career stems from her passion to help as many people as possible realize their goals and grow as people.  When asked what she feels has been the biggest benefit of attending NSA-Michigan Chapter meetings, Leatrice replied, “I have learned so much on the business side of the speaking industry.  The tools, material, and strategic approaches have been invaluable.”   She also thoroughly enjoys the networking.

When not working in her practice, Chosen, PLLC, Leatrice has a strong connection with her church.  She is single, enjoys staying fit, and loves water classes at the gym and biking.  Spending times with friends is very important and a source of enjoyment for Leatrice.

To learn more about Leatrice, please visit her online at www.DrLeatrice.com. She can be reached at (269) 389-9968. Please welcome Leatice to the NSA Michigan family!

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