By Breeda Miller, Breeda Miller Speaking, NSA Michigan President

We are nearly at the end of another year – and poised for new beginnings. This January will be filled with new beginnings for many of us. For NSA Michigan we are launching our updated Michigan Speakers Academy (formerly known as Pro Track), which will provide a solid new beginning for those desiring careers as professional speakers.

Many of us will make resolutions to live healthier lives, develop and implement better business strategies, commit to improving relationships, or manage our finances more effectively. Making changes in your life are goals we all think about – how many of us actually do it and stick to it? We might eat better for a week or two, or join a gym and fight the crowds for the treadmill in January. Come March, there likely won’t be a line for the exercise machines. Yet, we still need to be better, to do better all year long.

As speakers, many of us are in the inspiration business. We inspire our audiences to live fuller, richer lives. To take better care of themselves, their businesses, and their finances. Sometimes we need to heed our own advice, and that takes courage.

Courage has so many different meanings. For some, it shows great courage to stand up in front of a group of people and speak. For most of us, speaking comes naturally; we seek out and enjoy the opportunity. Some people (I’ve heard) actually enjoy exercise; they like to break a sweat. They seek out and relish physical challenges and don’t consider entering a marathon an act of courage. For those who suffer from anxiety, leaving the house and venturing out to go to an event requires a herculean effort. For others, the security of a regular paycheck with benefits from a traditional job keeps many from taking the leap to follow their dreams.

Of all the resolutions that you might consider for 2019, the one that I hope you will embrace is to have more courage. Whatever it looks like for you – take that step, make that commitment, have faith in yourself, do the work, create a plan, and make it happen. It takes courage to build a dream. If you persevere and put in the work, you can make your vision for 2019 your reality.

NSA Michigan is here to support you and help you find the resources to be as successful as you are willing to be. On behalf of our board, we hope you have a wonderful New Year and great courage.

All the best,

NSA Michigan Chapter President


About the Author

Breeda Miller is a published author, an award-winning storyteller, voice-over professional and successful businesswoman.  Of all her accomplishments she states that her most fulfilling role was caring for her frail mother at the end of her life. As a member of the Sandwich Generation, Breeda managed to run a household, manage a business and raise three teenagers (two with special needs) while providing ’round the clock care for her ailing mother.

The daughter of Irish immigrants, Breeda is a life-long Michigander who enjoys time on her screened porch, kayaking rivers and walking the Camino de Santiago with her husband.  Her passion is helping Caregivers Carry On as well as others who need encouragement and a bit of inspiration.