By Babette Ten Haken, One Millimeter Mindset, NSA-MI Member-at-Large

It’s the New Year! And everyone is off to a fresh start. Can you feel the energy?

Here is your mission for the month. Remain focused on pursuing speaking opportunities that make the most sense in developing your career. Remain focused on your own professional focus:

  • Consistency across your core messaging;
  • Staying true to speaking on subject-matter which supports your brand; and
  • Understanding when enough business is enough, for now.

The first month of the New Year always seems like the start of a 12-month marathon race, doesn’t it? And, like that marathon, the focus is running each mile of the race with the proper pace, strategy, and nutrition. No marathoner starts the race thinking about that finish line.

What is your 12-month strategy? What is your focus for each month? Do you have the appropriate systems and support to help you go the distance? By focusing on incremental distances, and identifying monthly achievements, you will leverage your focus throughout the year! Here’s to Your Speaking Success!

About the Author

Babette Ten Haken catalyzes organizations and associations, like yours, who want to leverage a more profitable workforce to retain the customers you work so hard to win. Her One Millimeter Mindset™ speaking programs move audiences one millimeter beyond the Risk of remaining comfortable in “how they do things Today,” towards the Opportunities presented when they do things “slightly differently” Tomorrow and in the Future