By Kurt Kazanowski, Kaznow Inc, Director of Membership

Traveling 350 miles and four hours to attend an NSA-Michigan event is the quintessential definition of commitment. This is what Maxx Anderson does to attend our chapter meetings and events.

When I asked Maxx what drives her commitment, she indicated that the support she receives and feels from our membership helps validate her position as a speaker. Further, “I have never encountered more like-minded people, which is uplifting.” Maxx’s first experience with NSA Michigan was at our Master Class in April of 2017.

Maxx has a real estate background in addition to her speaking career which focuses on assisting women, in particular entrepreneurs, to succeed. Helping women understand their initial positioning enables them to foster growth and confidence. Maxx has a passion for health and fitness and worked in this industry as a business owner for many years.

Being married for thirty years with two adult boys is a source of pride for Maxx. She is especially proud of the fact that both of her sons played football in the National Football League She uses her own experience in life to both personally and professionally assist people in their own self-growth.

Maxx can be reached at her website,, or by phone at (906) 632-9696.

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