By April Birchmeier, Springboard Consulting, NSA Michigan Past President

One hallmark of NSA is the generosity of our members. Our founder, Cavett Robert, encouraged our association to collaborate and support each other by sharing and creating a “bigger pie” rather than struggling over sharing the pieces of a smaller pie. This spirit—as well as the sharing of pizza pie—was well on display December 5, 2018, in East Lansing Michigan.

NSA member, author, and “ninja unicorn” Shawna Suckow met with nearly a dozen members for an NSA Michigan Fireside Chat at the Pizza House. Shawna is one of the authors of Frankly Speaking: Insider Advice (Most) Meeting Planners Won’t Share with Speakers. She talked with our members about ensuring consistency in our branding and messaging.

An activity that Shawna shared was for all of us to open our websites on our phones and send them around our group so that each speaker had feedback from each other on the “three P’s”: Promise, Personality, and Platform.

  • Promise on your site should be clear: What do you promise that you will deliver to audiences? Is the promise evident on your website?
  • Personality: Does your site reflect your personality? If you are a casual, fun speaker, is that evident from your website?
  • Platform: What is it that you stand for, speak about, and share with audiences?

The activity, along with Shawna’s sharing of her expertise as a former meeting professional, was invaluable, as was the connection we had with each other

And let’s face it: the (pizza) pie sharing.

NSA Michigan Fireside Chats are just another way that NSA Michigan provides value to our members! More of these opportunities are coming soon!

About the Author

April Callis Birchmeier, CCMP, PMP is an experienced and certified Change Management Professional and Strategic Consultant to organizations that are planning and implementing change. 

April has been profiled in Time Magazine, is author of the book Springboard to Success and speaks frequently to organizations and conferences about preparing people for change and leading a positive workplace.