By Breeda Miller, Breeda Miller Speaking, NSA Michigan President

Shiny Objects. They are so much fun, shiny and bright, distracting and full of potential. And they can ruin the best-laid plans. As professional speakers we are exposed daily to the latest and greatest webinars, gadgets, retreats, coaches, books, and apps all promising to take our careers to the next level–for a price. Either our time or our precious budgets. It all sounds so exciting and appealing, and tempting.

We often suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out) and overspend, overcommit, or risk personal injury by the towering stack of books that we have purchased to build our businesses and improve our programs. I know I am guilty. “Maybe that ______ will be just what I need to take me to the next level.” Sometimes it is; sometimes the right resource or support at the right time is exactly the investment you need to make to grow your business. But everything isn’t the right thing for you and too much can make you feel guilty, overwhelmed, and broke.

For 2019 I am making a few changes to help manage S.O.S. (shiny object syndrome). I reorganized my office and found several books that I was so excited about when I ordered them. They are great resources by successful speaking professionals. I recognized one author’s name after I removed the dust from the cover…. I am promising myself to read, study, and implement the strategies and tactics I already have before I invest in more. I will be selective about the events and people I spend my time and money on to build my business. I want to be sure they are in alignment with my vision and my concept of success. I will be open to new ideas and opportunities but also trust my instincts. If I am in doubt, I will go to the well—my trusted NSA friends and colleagues who have been down this road and will share with me their thoughtful and honest opinions and advice.

I attended a productivity workshop recently and was asked to describe a problem and what success would look like to me. I thought about it and concluded that one source of stress is an empty calendar. So, I came up with this vision of success: “A calendar that is full of events to look forward to and open enough to accept new experiences and opportunities”. I like it a lot. I might even create a meme with my new app… doh! There I go again.

Beware of S.O.S. and save room in your calendar for our next NSA Michigan Seminar on March 9 with our National President, Dan Thurman. He is amazing.


All the best,

NSA Michigan Chapter President


About the Author

Breeda Miller is a published author, an award-winning storyteller, voice-over professional and successful businesswoman.  Of all her accomplishments she states that her most fulfilling role was caring for her frail mother at the end of her life. As a member of the Sandwich Generation, Breeda managed to run a household, manage a business and raise three teenagers (two with special needs) while providing ’round the clock care for her ailing mother.

The daughter of Irish immigrants, Breeda is a life-long Michigander who enjoys time on her screened porch, kayaking rivers and walking the Camino de Santiago with her husband.  Her passion is helping Caregivers Carry On as well as others who need encouragement and a bit of inspiration.