By Babette Ten Haken, One Millimeter Mindset, NSA-MI Member-at-Large

The beginning of each fiscal year launches us out of the starting gate like a bunch of hounds after that elusive fox. And it is easy to become exhausted: chasing not only that single fox, but also all of the bright shiny objects (“Squirrels!!!”) that appear along the way.

Before you burn yourself out by the second month of 2019, focus on what your true Priorities are. And at the top of that list should be: You.

Last month, I downloaded the Calm app from the iTunes store, thinking I could use a good dose of calming meditation to start off each day. Great idea. However, in practical application, my password failed daily, starting on Day 2 of the free trial! I opened multiple tickets, going around and around with the Help Desk, to no avail. Guess what. I canceled my subscription on Day 3 (which, in and of itself, was a hassle). Wrestling with that Calm app was anything but calming. So the app, ultimately, had no value to me.

How many of your targeted activities, dream gigs, and speech topics are fulfilling and calming? How many of your initiatives fall into the category of stressful “shoulda-woulda-coulda” goals, because other NSA members are doing them?

This month, Prioritize every initiative you pursue in terms of the toll it takes on your mental and physical wellbeing. Because delivering the spoken word is a whole mind-body activity. And other people’s goals may not be reasonable, feasible, and true to Who You Are as a Speaking Professional of Worth.

Now, what are your monthly Priorities (after You)? Your quarterly and annual Priorities? Have fun!


About the Author

Babette Ten Haken catalyzes organizations and associations, like yours, who want to leverage a more profitable workforce to retain the customers you work so hard to win. Her One Millimeter Mindset™ speaking programs move audiences one millimeter beyond the Risk of remaining comfortable in “how they do things Today,” towards the Opportunities presented when they do things “slightly differently” Tomorrow and in the Future