By Carol Prahinski, PhD, DTM, NSA-Michigan Immediate Past President

Dan Thurmon was one of the first people I met at NSA.  Before I had even attended our chapter meetings, I signed up for the NSA’s 2011 Winter Conference in Atlanta.

As an NSA newbie, I was invited to a special session for new members hosted by Dan.  At the time, I shrugged my shoulders; I didn’t know Dan.  And then he did a back flip.

I thought the obvious, “Toto, I’m not in academia anymore.”  Little did I realize that Dan’s physical form and thoughtful insights would flip my concept of any presentation.

First, through physical demonstrations, Dan shares that life isn’t in slow motion and we must be ready for shifts in patterns, surprises from behind, and cutting-edge challenges. (Spoiler alert: There may be knives involved.)  At our March meeting, you’ll experience something remarkable and gain a sure-fire system for designing dynamic presentations.

Second, we shouldn’t strive for balance, but rather embrace the idea of being off balance.  In one of his two books, Off Balance on Purpose, he says, “The perpetual quest for balance ends up limiting growth, progress, and the quality of life.  Balance is not what you get; balance is what you do.”  If we want to improve and grow our skills, we must become willing to go off balance.  By pushing ourselves and shifting our attitude toward learning, we can reach new heights we didn’t know were possible.  At our March meeting, you’ll learn specific performance techniques that will set you apart from your competition.  Be prepared to lean into a personal and professional transformation.

Third, Dan knows how to have an impact.  At the 2018 NSA Convention, Dan was inducted into the prestigious “Speakers’ Hall of Fame.”  His programs have educated and uplifted Fortune 500 companies, young audiences, and even the troops on the front lines of Afghanistan and Iraq.  With Dan’s upcoming session at NSA-Michigan, you will discover how to increase your revenue by increasing your relevance.  Every speaker wants to enhance their relevance.  Dan will show you how.

Join us on March 9th at Go Where Meetings Matter in Ann Arbor.  Be ready to have your perspective flipped.

After meeting Dan and experiencing his presentation, I returned to the classroom. As my students’ eyes widened and they looked at each other in confusion, I confessed; my life was thrown forever off balance by NSA and Dan Thurmon.



Carol Prahinski, PhD, DTM is a skilled consultant, speaker, and author with expertise in business strategy, negotiations, purchasing, evaluations, and capacity management. She is a professor in MSU’s highly acclaimed Supply Chain Management program, and an International Director for Toastmasters International.