By Maxx Anderson, MAXX PR

Not all professional speaker trainer opportunities are created equally. When you invest in speaking training, it is important to work with a program that offers a complete package. One that is able to identify your unique strengths and weaknesses. One that can clearly communicate how to leverage your natural abilities for maximum impact.

That training is NSA-Michigan’s Michigan Speaker Academy (MSA), formerly known as ProTrack. On Saturday, February 9, the class of 2019-2020 met for the first time, for an entire day of deep-dive training into topic development.

We learned

  • how to be purposeful about our intent
  • pros and cons of PowerPoint design
  • ways to add spice to our own individual introductions and after-ductions
  • advantages of dividing speeches into modules so if time runs short we can simply pull out a module and still meet our deadline
  • ways to increase audience participation and keep presentations lively
  • what questions to ask meeting planners to help us prepare our talks

And many other actionable tips.

As a speaker myself, I was impressed with our trainers: Pam Wyess, Marilynn Semonick, and Jerry Conrad.  These veteran chapter members worked together as a cohesive volunteer unit to share their wealth of knowledge and real-life experience. Clearly apparent was their commitment to helping our MSA group transform into the kinds of speakers we have always wanted to be.

While the input from these three experts was extremely valuable, an added benefit was the opportunity to begin building relationships with fellow MSA’ers that will further help each of us grow outside our own comfort zones.

 At the end of the day, knowledge is power, but action is key!

Maxx Anderson is a motivational speaker, confidence coach and lifestyle mentor. With over three decades of entrepreneurial and business building wisdom, her goal is to motivate with enthusiasm to optimize your most valuable assets – your vision, values, strengths, and talents.