By April Birchmeier, Springboard Consulting, NSA Michigan Past President

Question: Where can you find sun, fun, and valuable information to grow your speaking business?

Answer: At the NSA Winter Conference in Orlando, Florida!

I must confess, the thought of heading to Florida on a February weekend was plenty of motivation to register for the Evolution of Marketing workshop. But due to the excellent content and fantastic presenters, I logged a total of two 15-minute sun “bathing” sessions – in business casual attire no less!

Despite my growing Vitamin D deficiency, the Evolution of Marketing was a terrific opportunity to gain new information about how to position, leverage, and create compelling marketing and speaking material to create greater reach and connection with our audiences. 

One of my favorite presentations was from Mark W. Schaefer, author of Marketing Rebellion.  Mark spoke about the end of advertising and marketing as we know it and the emergence of customer-driven marketing though customer experience and connection. 

Another favorite was an informal session with some of the Million Dollar Speakers Group members including Simon Baily, Bill Cates, Roxanne Emmerich, and Randy Gage.

A fantastic conference, well worth the lack of sunshine for me! 

About the Author

April Birchmeier is a Change Management expert and keynote speaker. She is the lead consultant at Springboard Consulting, founder and host of the Change and Innovation Leadership Summit, and author of  “Change Management DIY”, “Springboard to Success”, featured in Time Magazine, The New York Times and Yahoo Hot Jobs! 

When April is not speaking about positive workplaces or consulting with clients you can find her cheering for the marching band at football games and collecting eggs from her 12 chickens.