By Babette Ten Haken, One Millimeter Mindset™ Speaking Programs, NSA-MI Member-at-Large

Being a professional speaker can seem like a lonely road at times. You may feel you are the only person in your court. Every now and then, instead of believing in yourself, you doubt yourself. So, you seek the affirmation and feedback of others. Or, you try to copy the work of others who “seem” successful. Then, you continuously compare and compete, rather than collaborate, encourage, and learn from others.

This month, and moving forward, give yourselves permission to cut yourselves some slack.

Seek to gain clarity about your Purpose, as a Person of Worth, instead of as a $peaker of Worth. Understand that you are a Person of Infinite Value. And, your value is not necessarily directly correlated by the earnings you accrue as a speaker.

First and foremost, your professional, as well as speaking, breakthroughs arise from continuous hard work at self-discovery, translation, and transformation. Your art and craft, according to NSA, is Delivery of The Spoken Word. As speakers, what else but your Own Spoken Word are you best able to truly, genuinely, and continuously deliver: with heart, mind, and spirit?

What is Your Own Spoken Word? What does Your Spoken Word sound like? How is Your Spoken Word experienced by the target audience you were designed to speak to?

Take the time to discover your distinctive Purpose, both personally and professionally. Uncover your singular basis for differentiation by your audiences, your “people.” Yes, you can continue to try to be all things to all people and all audiences. However, the best use of your energy, creativity, and purpose is being One Thing to Your People.

Be Purposefully Who You Are. Because you are their hope. And your people are awaiting you.

Babette Ten Haken ‘s Storytelling for STEM Professionals and Left Brain Thinkers speaking programs are created for organizations and associations who want to catalyze stakeholder success and customer retention. There is no better way than storytelling to bridge communication disconnects between professional disciplines, paygrades and levels of education. Her programs are forged from her background as a STEM professional in clinical research, new product development, market research and sales. Find out more right here. Babette is a member of SME, ASQ, SHRM and the National Speakers Association. Her playbook of communication hacks, Do YOU Mean Business? is available on Babette’s speaker profile is on the espeakers platform.