By Maxx Anderson, MAXX PR, NSA Michigan Candidate & MSA Participant

It is a rare opportunity to get to interview the President of NSA. Just imagine how I felt when I was thinking of what to ask Dan Thurmon, CSP, CPAE. It was no surprise that he made the conversation so easy for me. He opened up immediately and shared his message on doing what it takes to be competitive in this busy speaking market.

We didn’t get a chance to discuss his extraordinary juggling talents, but make no mistake this speaker is so full of talent and life experience that a ten-minute interview is only the icing on the cake of what Dan Thurmon’s gifts are to our speaking community and quite frankly to the world. Please enjoy my interview with Mr. Dan Thurmon!



Maxx Anderson is a motivational speaker, confidence coach and lifestyle mentor. With over three decades of entrepreneurial and business building wisdom, her goal is to motivate with enthusiasm to optimize your most valuable assets – your vision, values, strengths, and talents.