New NSA-Michigan member Ryan Morton started his speaking career as a student of Toastmasters, where he spent ten years shaping his craft. One day, as Ryan tells it, “I ran into Mimi Brown who told me about the National Speakers Association, and I was sold. Her passion and excitement were the reasons I joined.”

In all the membership interviews I have been doing, Mimi is a constant theme in influencing people to join NSA! Thanks, Mimi!

Ryan is going into his second year as a candidate with us. Further, Ryan is in this year’s Michigan Speakers Academy class.

Ryan’s experiences with NSA have, he reports, been tremendous. “I have learned so much about the business of speaking. NSA has added so much to what I learned at Toastmasters. I love the resources NSA provides such as the video shoot sessions that have been offered to members.”

Ryan has a unique perspective to speaking about Leadership. He approaches Leadership by taking on its three “ships”:

  • Me-ship: how-to level one’s self up;
  • Mentor-ship: working with others to help them grow and develop;
  • Sponsor-ship: being a resource for others.

Ryan uses his love for stand-up comedy to support his speaking skill set. “Stand-up is one of my hobbies and has also assisted in my speaking,” he says.

His other hobby is being a connoisseur of beer. Ryan’s education and training are in the field of engineering. Ryan has been married for nine years and lives in Ann Arbor.

Ryan may be reached at (805) 801-5479;

Take some time at our next meeting to say hello to Ryan and learn more about him!

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