Jessica Pettitt, NSA-Michigan’s May speaker, asks, “Do you know what differentiates you from other speakers or trainers in your topic area? Do you really?” Be prepared for a highly interactive, high-energy, humorous day where NO question is off limits as she leads an exercise to help you know how to lean on what makes you YOU and not THEM.

Participants will:

  1. clearly identify their points of distinction
  2. grow their realm of influence in their niche market
  3. develop executable tangible projects to collaborate on and contribute to their areas of expertise

Do You! is a repeatable systematic process that allows solopreneurs, like professional speakers, to lean into their strengths, differentiate them from the competition, collaborate with others, and contribute to a larger realm of influence. By growing an authentic network of like-minded and energized folks, you get to showcase your unique qualities, support others, and build your personal brand with integrity.

Do You! No one else can.

This process has been articulated so that each user can individually customize it to their own unique niche markets.

Don’t spend money or time building something new, when what you already have going for you someone else already wishes they could access. Doing the best you can with what you have some of the time is far more effective and will separate you from the pack.