By Babette Ten Haken, One Millimeter Mindset™, NSA-MI Member-at-Large

One of the best conversations I enjoy having, especially with new members, is when they say to me: “Oh my goodness, I walked into the room and found my people! I am so glad I decided to attend this meeting.”

And, of course, these talented individuals have the biggest smiles on their faces!

One of the greatest values in delivering the spoken word is realizing that you are not alone in getting to where you want, and need, to go. Each one of us delivers our unique artistry as a result of discipline, practice, hustle, and mentorship from others in our industry. Within our chapter, regardless of the number of years “in the speaking business,” our members mentor one another. During meetings, in-between meetings, and just-because.

Mentorship is servant-leadership. And for those of you attending NSA Influence 2019, you will hear about the Spirit of Cavett. You can read more about the legacy of NSA’s Founder, Cavett Robert, on the NSA national website, right here. The Spirit of Cavett is about:

  • Focusing on giving back;
  • Providing genuine support to speaking colleagues; and
  • Taking the time to connect, help, mentor, or refer business to other members without any expectation of reciprocation.

Each year, the week of November 14 (Cavett Robert’s birthday) features members honoring their Cavett: #MyCavett. I am going to take the opportunity, in today’s post, to honor mine. Breeda Miller is #MyCavett. Along with so many more of you wonderful colleagues, Breeda Miller guided me from the first time I ever walked into a Michigan chapter meeting. She is my go-to sounding board, wise, focused visionary and inspiring. And, quite frankly, how is she always so gracious and diplomatic and the ultimate servant leader even in the midst of chaos? 😉

As we end our 2018-2019 chapter programming and launch right into our epic, awesome, dynamic 2019-2020 initiatives, I thank Chapter President, Breeda Miller, for all she does on behalf of serving and mentoring in the true Spirit of Cavett.

Who is your Cavett? Who is your mentor? All you have to do is look around. Because that individual is right there, right now, beside you. 

Babette Ten Haken’s One Millimeter Mindset® Storytelling Speaking Programs, Workshops, and Facilitation Services leverage storytelling for STEM professionals and left brain thinkers to catalyze employee and customer success and retention. She motivates individuals and teams to combine courage, curiosity and critical thinking skills to co-create compelling stories which inspire trust in one another. Especially in industries with STEM and left-brain stakeholders. Find out more about Babette’s professional story here. Babette is a member of SME, ASQ, SHRM and the National Speakers Association. Her playbook of communication hacks, Do YOU Mean Business? is available on Babette’s speaker profile is on the espeakers platform. Contact Babette here.