What a joy seeing Jessica Pettit at work at our May 11 chapter meeting. She is a picture of honesty, authenticity, and being true to ourselves.

One of the great lessons I got out of her presentation was that we get to make our own rules.

All of us new speakers are looking for the winning formula. What do we do to be successful? Unfortunately, this question has thousands of right answers, and we must have the courage to find the right rules for ourselves and follow them!  Maybe it’s a book, but maybe it’s not! Maybe it’s corporate, or maybe it’s scout troops or quilting clubs.

Bottom line: The best way to reach your unique potential as a speaker is to be true to who you are and know what answer is right for you. Sometimes it’ll be a formula that worked for someone else, but sometimes it’ll be the road less traveled, and there’s no map for that.

We have to seek out the answer that right for us, and drive toward it. Good luck, everyone. This stuff is scary!

About the Author

Anne Bonney ignites courage in audiences to embrace the discomfort of change.  Energetic and engaging, Anne works with companies and associations undergoing big transitions and modernization, and others disrupting the norm.  When she’s not on the road, she’s at home in Traverse City vainly trying to keep her plants alive. 

You can learn more about Anne Bonney at annebonney.com