Marilyn Suttle was the Main Event at the June 8 edition of Michigan Speakers Academy. She poured her extensive experience and knowledge into us for this full day of learning about product creation for speakers.

We first discussed why a book, and then why would someone read it by asking ourselves three questions:

  1. What do we want them to say after they read it?
  2. What do we want them to learn?
  3. What do we want them to DO after?

These questions will help to guide the creation of your book, the best business card you can leave behind.

Marilyn stressed the importance of promotion, and it was really driven home for me when she reminded us that the most common acknowledgment for a book is the “bestseller” designation, not “best written” or “most read” award.  If you don’t get it out there, even the most spectacular product is just a place to store your dust.

We dove into the advantages of self-publishing versus working with a publisher, with pros and cons on both sides depending on what you’re trying to accomplish.

It was a jam-packed day of learning. We all walked away with invaluable insights for the next steps in our success as professional speakers.

About the Author

Anne Bonney ignites courage in audiences to embrace the discomfort of change.  Energetic and engaging, Anne works with companies and associations undergoing big transitions and modernization, and others disrupting the norm.  When she’s not on the road, she’s at home in Traverse City vainly trying to keep her plants alive. 

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