What? You couldn’t attend Influence ’19?

Here’s some of what you missed, according to chapter member NSA Michigan President Elect Anne Bonney:

“WOW! Influence was overwhelming and intimidating and educating and welcoming and everything I needed my first Influence conference to be. As someone who used to work in trade shows and organize events, I was really impressed at how well organized and planned the whole thing was. Ran like clockwork.”

Influence was held over a long weekend that ended on Tuesday, July 30 at Denver’s Gaylord Rockies resort. The annual conference is an opportunity to connect with over two thousand members from around the world, share ideas on how to strengthen our chapter by connecting with other chapter leaders, and grow professionally as individuals. This year’s featured uplifting keynotes and over forty breakouts and deep dives designed to “transform your methods, your thinking, your impact, your business.”

Long-time NSA Michigan member David Chinsky, CSP, was inspired to take the following actions:

“I will devote time to documenting answers to the following three questions: 1) How do I contribute to increased engagement, productivity, and profit? 2) What burning problem(s) do I solve? 3) What value do I add?“

“I will look into the following tools: 1) BombBomb for sending video messages via email; 2) JoinByText.com to collect names and email addresses during an event so members of the audience can sign up immediately and seamlessly for my newsletter or special offers; 3) KiwiLive.com for live event engagement.

“I will produce short ‘Dear Abby’ videos that begin with a frequent client question and then answer it. I will post these videos on Vimeo and YouTube. In Vimeo, I will utilize Vimeo Showcase to display my growing collection of videos. This is a great way to increase credibility among clients and prospects.”

Getting the Most out of Influence

You had to pick and choose your sessions carefully, always knowing that at any moment you were missing one session you wanted to attend because you were attending another. As a book coach and editor, I wanted to see how other book coaches shaped their presentations so I attended every session devoted to book writing and publishing.

According to Anne Bonney:

 A few sessions really had an impact on me. One was “Publish Your Tip Book in 52 Days.” Going into Influence, Mimi Brown (NSA MI President) told me, “Decide what you want to get out of it, and go to those sessions.” Knowing I need to get a book out, I focused on the publishing lane classes mostly, and in ninety minutes in the “Tip Book” session, the fire was lit! Not only am I over halfway done writing the darned thing, but I picked up three other attendees from the session who are going to be my accountability partners. With their help and the fabulously clear steps Betsy Allen-Manning described in the session, My Tip Book will be done by October.

Anne’s other big takeaway happened in the vendor hall, which occupied space at the far end of the dining area. Displays by e-Speakers and AssociationExecs.com grabbed her attention:

Since Greg Peters’ fabulous webinar on templates and systems [in July to students of Michigan Speakers Academy], I’ve been looking for an event management system that will help me keep track as my business grows. e-Speakers has such a management system, and it also helps you track your requirements for CSP. BINGO!  Then, AssociationExecs.com gives you quick and easy searches for association officers, allowing me to simplify the new marketing strategy I’ve been putting into place ever since Kevin McCarthy’s session at our recent chapter meeting!  I was able to take advantage of some fabulous discounts on those products, hopefully helping me scale my business!

“It’s like drinking from a firehose if you don’t have a strategy going in,” she concludes. “But I’m really glad I did, and I had a fabulous time. Oh, and lest I forget to mention being in the company of some truly epic speakers! WOW! … that about sums it up. WOW.”

Congratulations, Sherene McHenry, CSP!

Fifteen members from Michigan attended, which I’m told is a record. Our highpoint as a chapter was watching long-time member and chapter Past President Sherene McHenry receive her CSP designation:

 “Receiving and celebrating earning my Certified Speaking Professional designation was incredibly rewarding,” she recalled “I also loved the mainstage keynotes. To sit at the feet of individuals who are masters of their craft is mesmerizing, inspiring, and uplifting.”

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Ken Wachsberger is an internationally celebrated book coach and editor. His You’ve Got the Time: How to Write and Publish That Book in You is now available for preorder as an ebook.