By Babette Ten Haken, One Millimeter Mindset™ Speaking Programs, NSA-MI Director of Relationships & Experience

What is the value that you bring to your clients’ business tables? Have you created a formula you use to calculate your value? In dollars and cents? In value-add? In beyond-tangible value?

It’s easy to get caught up in assessing our value, as Speakers of Worth, in terms of whatever fee we receive as compensation for our next engagement. Full fee? “Gee, that was too easy. Maybe I should increase my fees in the future.”  Less-than-full fee? “Well, ‘they’ must not think I am ‘good enough.’” No fee? “This is great experience. I have to pay my dues.”

Think about it. The quality of what you deliver is the same regardless of the level of monetary compensation you receive. You do not dumb down your presentation, do you, simply because you choose to give a pro bono presentation? And when you are paid full-fee or somewhere between 0-100%? The presentation remains the same. No matter what.

Because your audience needs to experience you delivering the spoken word. No matter what your fee. They trust, from the very first words you speak to them, that they will leave the room that day more empowered, inspired, and knowledgeable than when they entered. That is the value you bring to their business tables.

For audiences to believe in you, as a Speaker of Worth, you must believe in your own value, first and foremost. Do you?

Sure, you and I have days where we go through “Nobody loves me” or “The audience did not laugh in the right places (or at all)” or “My message fell short” or “I was not having a great hair and makeup day” (even you, guys).

Ultimately, our audiences believe in us because we believe in ourselves, first. With self-belief, we have our audiences at “Hello.” We become charged with the electricity that happens when their energy meets ours. We co-create our moment, together.

What is your value to yourself? To your clients? To your audiences? Your value is hard-wired into your professional speaker DNA. And you carry your value with you, no matter where you go and to whom you speak. Regardless of the fee you receive.

This month, begin each day with a self-affirmation of your value, as a Speaker of Worth. You will discover that your messages become more uniform, consistent, and specific. When that happens, you better align with audiences exquisitely well-suited to receive the value you bring to their tables.


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