By Mimi Brown, NSA Michigan President, AMP Up Success!

I remember it like it was yesterday, the hustle and bustle of the crowd, the booming voices emulating throughout the hallway, the snazzy outfits, the full-on bear hugs, and the speeches. Oh the speeches blew me away. It was magical.

That’s how I felt when I walked into the doors of my first NSA Influence national convention seven years ago.

When I asked other NSA-Michigan colleagues what to expect, by far my favorite and most accurate comment was, ‘It’s like sipping from a firehose.” The sheer amount of information you receive, the connections you make, and the inspiration you feel are like nothing I had ever experienced.

It was exhilarating yet terrifying at the same time. For me, it was like my first airplane ride: As much as I tried to prepare myself, nothing could have prepared me for that initial ascent, when you feel the nose of the airplane lift into the heavens. I marveled at how something so massive could so gracefully manage to shoot into the sky, stay floating through the clouds, and land with such a light touch, like a ballerina who smoothly spins out of pirouette turn.

I had the same feeling watching the giants of our industry on the main stage. I witnessed people from the platform artfully speak with such reverence and eloquence. I knew that I had arrived home.

And that is why I continue to go back year after year. It fills my cup. Energizes me. Prepares me to take on the remainder of the year pumped up and motivated. It reminds me that, yes, I can succeed in this business and I have the support to make it happen. That is why every year I budget funds to attend Influence. My business and future success depend on it.

Each year before I leave, I set my intention on what I’d like to receive out of the experience.

The 2019 NSA Influence experience exceeded my intentions. I came back with ideas to help grow my business, step up my stage presence, and add dollars to the bottom line.

How will you invest in yourself? Fill your cup. Stay motivated and inspired.  Work on and hone your craft. The speaking business takes a special type of professional development.

Since our job is to enhance the lives of others through the spoken word, it’s vital that we continue to pour into ourselves so that when it’s time to deliver we can fully pour into others. You can’t pour from an empty cup.

With the last quarter of the year upon us, I challenge you to think about how you will invest in YOU. How do you want to finish the year? You still have the time to recalibrate. Maybe you want to tweak your stagecraft and work on the development of your stories, or you want to smooth out your marketing outreach process, or simply you want to get your first paid speaking engagement. Whatever it is, set your intention. What you think about is what comes about.

If you missed Influence but would like to experience even a small sliver of what it’s like, I’d recommend that you attend the NSA Michigan Storytelling Master Class on October 12 at the Sheraton in Ann Arbor.

You’ll witness two rock star speakers, Mark Scharenbroich, CSP, CPAE, and Tami Evans, CSP, show you the ropes on how to craft and deliver stories that will have people yearning for more. I’ve personally worked with Mark at his annual Keynote Kamp retreat, so I’m confident you will walk out of the event better than when you came in.

Not to mention, you’ll have the opportunity to network and connect with speakers across Great Lakes states including Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky. And we will have a robust panel of meeting professionals giving you the inside secrets of how to work with them to land the engagements and how you should develop your marketing materials to get and stay on their radar.

The early-bird rate has been extended through Saturday, September 14, at midnight. Don’t miss the opportunity to invest in YOU. You’re worth it.

About the Author
Mimi Brown works with organizations to AMP UP the volume in their lives and business by empowering people to lead with their magnetic presence. With over ten years of leadership training experience, Mimi knows how to rock a platform, connect with a crowd, and have people laughing while learning. She is the current Chapter President of NSA Michigan.