By Babette Ten Haken, One Millimeter Mindset™ Speaking Programs, NSA-MI Director of Member & Partner Experience & Engagement

Do you continuously identify speaker professional development opportunities in-between our bi-monthly seminars? How about an accountability partner? Are you a member of a Mastermind group or coaching program? Will you avidly read articles to improve your thought-leadership and speaking expertise?

Continuously seeking out opportunities to develop, as a Speaker of Worth, is the common denominator uniting us all, regardless of whether you are a professional speaker, candidate, or affiliate chapter member.

Our Board of Directors thanks each of you for committing your time, talent, and expertise to attend our events throughout the year. To better serve you, our valued members and guests, we offer a three-step approach to your continuous speaker development, at three levels of professional investment.

On October 12, 2019, our annual professional speaker development day is designed as a Great Lakes Regional Master Class, featuring Mark Scharenbroich and Tami Evans. Not only does this year’s event bring in two of the most sought-after professional speaker storytellers. In addition, we will be offering panel discussions with Convention and Visitors Bureau and Speaker Bureau professionals, to help you gain perspective on marketing and selling your expertise.

Not only that! Our chapter extended an invitation to attend to other state chapters. Consider this Regional Master Class as your “Mini NSA Influence” opportunity to meet speakers from outside the Great State of Michigan. Connect and network. Compare your speaker development journeys. Learn together.

Take action today! Embrace the next steps in your Speaker Professional Development trajectory! Register today to attend the Great Lakes Regional Master Class, with Mark Scharenbroich and Tami Evans.

Here’s to your success as a Professional Speaker of Worth. Click here to register!  


Babette Ten Haken’s One Millimeter Mindset® Storytelling Speaking Programs leverage storytelling for STEM professionals and left brain thinkers to catalyze employee and customer success and retention.  Her playbook of communication hacks, Do YOU Mean Business?, is available on Babette’s speaker profile is on the espeakers platform. To learn more, please contact Babette here.