By Lisa Harvey Roach, Wisdom Consulting, NSA Member

Fantastic! That was how attendees described the Fireside Chat with David Avrin on Wednesday, September 18, 2019, at On the Border Mexican Grill & Cantina. David was so generous with his time and information. No one wanted the event to end! While some enjoyed Mexican cuisine and Margaritas, all fed on David’s words of wisdom.


Nine years ago, a fellow speaker told David he didn’t have a business because he didn’t have a process to turn prospects into leads and leads into sales. David remedied that dilemma when he hired Tiffany (aka his work wife) and developed a process.

David stressed that while it’s nice to have passion and a story to share, that doesn’t necessarily pay the bills. Your story must connect with a problem the client is willing to pay you to solve.

David got everyone to share what they spoke on, then provided suggestions for improvement.

David admitted he had gotten pretty good at booking gigs and was ready to share his process.  And so he did.

Gig-Getting Process

Step 1: David sends an email to the customer he wants to work with. In the email, he pitches the customer to be selected for their upcoming event. This first email is sent on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, never on Monday or Friday.

Step 2: David mails a hard copy of his brochure with a note stating he is following up on an email he sent last week. The package is mailed on Friday of the same week as the first email (in step 1) so it arrives on Tuesday of the following week.

Step 3: David puts a task in his CRM to follow-up in three weeks if he hasn’t heard from the customer. This third touch is a second email following up on the original email.

Step 4: David sends a copy of his book upon receiving any positive feedback from the customer.

Step 5: David sends a video email once he has been informed that he is a finalist.

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Final Takeaways

David shared more information than I can convey in this article. A key point he stressed several times was that meeting planners are extremely risk averse. They want to hire “safe” speakers for their events. To be considered as a “safe” speaker, you must have a great demo reel! Want to learn a neat trick David shared to get more video?  You’ll have to ask someone who attended this awesome event!

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