By Babette Ten Haken, One Millimeter Mindset™ Speaking Programs, NSA-MI Director of Member & Partner Experience & Engagement

Doing the right things, the right way, over time creates CONSISTENCY of execution.

  1. First, consistency in perfecting the art and craft of creating and delivering our epic awesome signature keynote(s).
  2. Next, perfecting how we create and deliver strategic value to our audiences or association members.
  3. Then, consistency in creating and executing on our business model, over time.
  4. Also, consistently marketing and selling our personal and professional brand to our marketplaces.

Let’s face it. Consistently doing the right things, the right way, over time can be exhausting!

After all, some of us are solopreneurs. We do not have access to or resources for outsourcing all these activities to the “right person,” whomever he or she may be. Others of us have a small set of trusted advisors or belong to a mastermind group, who become our go-to folks for advice and resources about growing and expanding our speaking business. Finally, some of us have been doing the right things, the right way for quite a while now. We have earned a steady stream of new and referral business coming our way. Congratulations.

In the last four months, you have had opportunities to listen to Kevin McCarthy, Lisa Ryan, and David Avrin on how to grow, expand, and sustain your speaking business. The common denominator across all of these talented individuals’ messages to us is CONSISTENCY. Especially when it boils down to the nitty-gritty of marketing and selling yourself and your deliverables.

Because at the end of the day, getting the opportunity to be on stage, doing what we love to do, represents only 10 to 20% of how we spend our time over a 12-month period. The other 80 to 90% of our time is spent on marketing and selling activities. Consistently. Week in and week out.

  • What tips do you have to offer our members for achieving CONSISTENCY in building your business as a speaker?
  • Which questions would you like our Board to consistently answer as we build our seminar series for the next two years?
  • Who are your go-to resources for consistently supporting your speaker business model?

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