By Suzanne Young, Intuitive Life Coach at Personal Success Programs, MSA 2019 Participant

At this time of year, I always look back and appreciate all the new and rewarding experiences I’ve participated in these past 12 months. As I pondered this thought my experience with NSA-Michigan easily popped into my mind.

I didn’t realize what a great group of people were involved with NSA-Michigan until I decided to participate in the Michigan Speakers Academy class that began in February. From my very first meeting, I felt genuinely welcomed, supported, and appreciated. As a result, attending meetings became a priority so I purposefully set aside the evening of Friday the 13th to attend this year’s NSA-MI Holiday party held at On the Border, in Novi.

Just as I expected, I had a wonderful time! I decided to share the fun and invited a friend, who had shown some interest in expanding her speaking career. Yes, the party did fall on Friday the 13th, but I’ve never been superstitious so I knew I would have a great time. I also knew I would enjoy introducing my friend to the positive, likeminded NSA-Michigan members who are always eager to help anyone step out of their comfort zone and step into a successful speaker career.

The evening began with a warm welcome to everyone from our amazing President Mimi Brown. She briefly shared her heartfelt appreciation for how her life has been enhanced and improved from all the support she’s received from everyone and how the NSA-Michigan members have become another family to her over the years. Breeda Miller, our awesome immediate past President, went on to explain the fun that was planned for the evening. Together we all enjoyed great food, delightful conversations, and the annual and hilarious white elephant gift exchange. We all laughed as a little friendly competition unfolded for the most popular gift: two mesh toiletry/organizer bags that were perfect for any speaker who does a lot of traveling. We watched it get traded back and forth quite a few times until it finally found its final landing place with Joyce Weiss.

 I appreciate knowing that the NSA-Michigan community always provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere. This observation was confirmed the very next day after the party when my friend called to thank me so much for inviting her to the party. She told me how much fun she’d had and how she had enjoyed talking with so many wonderful people.

During this gift-giving season, may we all be inspired to give the gift of inviting our friends to future 2020 NSA-Michigan meetings. I’ve learned over the years that when we help people grow into the best version of themselves, it is truly a gift that keeps on giving.

Suzanne Young has been an intuitive life coach, specializing in Law of Attraction, since 2007 when she and her husband Kevin opened their coaching company, Personal Success Programs.  With over 25 years of coaching and speaking experience, Suzanne enjoys working with Direct Sales Organizations who want to ensure they increase their new rookie retention rate and retain their best people. Suzanne joined Michigan Speakers Academy to hone her message, enhance her skills, and take her speaking business to the next level. She is the author of Stepping into a Life of Joy.