By Babette Ten Haken, One Millimeter Mindset™ Speaking Programs, NSA-MI Director of Strategic Relationships & Member Experience

How much confidence do you have in yourself, as a Speaker of Worth? Regardless of whether we have been speaking for 20 years or 20 minutes, confidence is the structural underpinning of what differentiates each one of us as Speakers worth paying attention to.

Having confidence is not a guarantee that every audience will love our programs, pay us full fee, or hire us to speak again. Then again, as we grow more confident about and invested in the singular message we deliver to audiences, time after time, our presentations evolve into shared conversations. The barrier between the stage and the audience disappears. Our programs become shared experiences.

Some of us prefer to speak on a variety of topics to a variety of audiences. Over time, as we become confident in who “our” audiences – our people – are, we home in on the impactful presentations for which we become known, moving forward.

Not only do we gain confidence in our growing skills and business acumen, that double-edged sword of simultaneously delivering the spoken word and doing all the behind-the-scenes activities which bring in business. We also become confident in the speaking opportunities we say “yes” to and those we decline or avoid applying for in the first place.

This month set an intention each morning. Look at yourself in the mirror. Tell yourself you believe in yourself, first and foremost. Tell yourself you believe in your unique message. Commit to becoming better and better each day. Because, truth be told, we are all committed to continuous improvement. Then, go forth and prosper, as a Speaker of Worth!

Babette Ten Haken leverages design-driven storytelling to translate across communication disconnects and build trust between people and professional disciplines. Together, we optimize the strategic business and human capital value of your people and your organization. Together. One millimeter at a time.