Because NSA-Michigan is an affiliated chapter of the National Speakers Association, our members are required to be current members of NSA.

There are four National Speakers Association (NSA) membership categories:
• Professional Member
• Professional Affiliate Member
• Academy Member
• Honorary Member (conferred by National Board/Executive Committee)

All memberships require an application and the meeting of specific requirements.  Each membership category provides the types of resources and guidance that best suit the holders. With the exception of Professional Affiliate membership, which is for individuals who provide products or services to the speaking industry, NSA members will follow the membership “path” from aspiring speaker through retirement as their skills and their business grow.

More information on the benefits of NSA membership is available here.

NSA Michigan recognizes all levels of NSA national membership and encourages all NSA members to join our local chapter!

NSA Membership Categories & Requirements

Qualified Professional Members

Whether you want to grow or sustain your speaking business, reach a wider audience or generate revenue, a professional NSA membership will help you become a master of your market.

To be eligible, you only need to meet ONE of the following professional membership criteria:

Option 1 – You have received compensation for 20 or more presentations within the 12 months prior to application. Supporting documentation can be any of the following: contracts, paid invoices, check copies, speaker agreements, tax returns or documents showing revenue has been generated as a result of your speaking engagements.

Option 2 – You have given 20 or more presentations to audiences of 15 or more as part of a salaried position within the 12 months prior to application. Supporting documentation: a letter from your employer.

Option 3 – You have earned $25,000 or more giving presentations (number of speaking engagements does not matter) within the 12 months prior to application. Supporting documentation can be: contracts, paid invoices, check copies or tax returns showing speaking income.

More information is available at

Certified Professional Members

Certified Professional members meet all of the membership criteria as Professional members AND have earned the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation.

More information is available at

Professional Affiliate Member

An individual who provides a service or product to the speaking industry.

Go to for more information.

Academy Member

An individual who pays to participate in the NSA National Speaker’s Academy Program and who aspires to become a Professional Member of NSA.