July 22, 2017 Seminar: Elizabeth McCormick




9:00 am – 2:00 pm

Amplify Your Speech and 5 Absurdly Simple “Speaker-Hacks”

All attendees should bring the laptop or tablet and social media passwords for the second half of the program. 

Amplify Your Speech 

Tired of writing and re-writing your speeches? Are you going back to the drawing board every time a meeting planner calls and asks you “Do You Speak About…..”?

In this high-performance presentation, Elizabeth McCormick will de-construct and dissect her introduction and signature opening while she reveals the speech-writing secrets that keep her booked and paid without re-writing her speech every time.

Learning Outcomes

  • Discover the 3 key elements to YOUR most impactful opening
  • Learn how to craft your introduction to get the meeting planner or executive to seed YOUR desired outcomes.
  • Become more aware of the energetic imprint of your presentation.
  • Understand Elizabeth’s speech-writing philosophy and receive the template which has helped her quickly customize her signature speech for hundreds of audiences.

5 Absurdly Simple “Speaker-Hacks” – Clever Solutions to get more Bookings

Do you know how tweaking just one thing can make all the difference? As made popular in viral videos, and the Buzzfeed website, “Hacks” are trending on social media as “clever solution to a tricky problem” per the Urban Dictionary.

And what is trickier than getting bookings? Or is it? In this interactive workshop training, the 5 Simple Solutions will not only be revealed, but with your laptop or tablet (and passwords to your social media accounts) at the ready you’ll be able to IMPLEMENT these ideas ON THE SPOT. Learn tips including addressing visibility on Linkedin, beating the ads on YouTube, being referrable with your thank you gifts, and playing the calendar game.

Interact, Implement and have an Impact in and on your Speaking Business as you learn these insider secrets to booking more engagements.

Learning Outcomes

  • Interact with Elizabeth and each other as they walk through 5 simple solutions, with Elizabeth providing input and solutions on the spot.
  • Leave with Impactful solutions that move the attendee toward more bookings and a sense of accomplishment.


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