Get Your Speaking Career on the ProTrack!

ProTrack is an in-depth, interactive program to help people start a speaking business, or take their speaking career to the next level.

  • The 18-month program is facilitated by seasoned professional speakers, Certified Speaking Professionals (CSP), who have built successful speaking enterprises.
  • ProTrack is designed around the competencies identified by the National Speakers Association as being critical to a successful, sustainable speaking business: Enterprise, Eloquence, Expertise and Ethics.
  • ProTrack participants have a priceless opportunity to jump on a fast track of growth and development as a speaker.
  • As part of our “Once a ProTracker, Always a ProTracker” program, participants who have completed the ProTrack program are welcome to attend any session at any time in the future.  The only charge is a small fee to cover the cost of lunch.

Are You Ready?

ProTrack Topics

Covered topics include:

    • Managing Your Business
    • Sales & Marketing
    • Presenting & Performing
    • Topic Development
    • Platform Mechanics
    • Authorship & Product Development
    • Crafting Effective Stories
    • Professional Awareness & Relationships
    • Application of Learned Skills
Who Should Attend?

Anyone who earns or wants to earn their living by speaking, or who have expertise in a specific enterprise or areas of interest.  Examples include:

      • Keynote speakers
      • Trainers
      • Coaches
      • Consultants
      • Authors
      • Facilitators
What's the difference between NSA-Michigan's ProTrack program and NSA's Academy for Professional Speaking?

ProTrack and the Academy are two separate but complementary programs.  Membership in one does not imply membership in the other.

  • ProTrack is sponsored and presented by NSA-Michigan.  It consists of monthly meetings held in Ann Arbor.  These hands-on sessions are led – in person – by Certified Speaking Professionals, many of whom are Past Presidents of our chapter.
  • The Academy of Professional Speaking is a national program run by NSA.  It consists of eLearning and the one-day Cavett Institute.
When are ProTrack sessions held?
      • Main ProTrack sessions are held on the 2nd Saturday of the even-numbered months.
      • All ProTrack attendees are encouraged to attend NSA-MI chapter seminars on the 2nd Saturday of the odd-numbered months.  Seminars are not included in the ProTrack enrollment fee, but ProTrack affiliates receive discounted rates from the time they enroll until 6 months after program completion.
      • Homework sessions are held immediately following NSA-MI chapter seminars.
Individual sessions?

Anyone is welcome to attend individual ProTrack sessions.  Sessions are included on our events calendar and registration is available in our webstore.

If I join ProTrack, am I considered a Chapter Member?

In general, no.  Participants in our ProTrack program are referred to as Affiliates.

Some Chapter Members choose to join the ProTrack program, and are considered both Chapter Members and Affiliates.

What does ProTrack cost?

The cost for this 18 month programs is $1995 for non-chapter members.  Discounts are offered to those who pre-pay the entire amount as well as NSA-MI chapter members.  Payment plans are available.

  • Prepaid in full: $1695
  • Prepaid in full (NSA-MI chapter members): $1270
  • Installment plan: $995 initial payment + 4 monthly payments of $250
  • Installment plan (NSA-MI chapter members): $775 initial payment + 3 monthly payments of $250
I'm ready. How do I get started?

Purchase your ProTrack registration in our online store, call us at 248-476-2134, or email us at